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There is an old saying that you write your film three times: once in the screenplay, a second time in the shooting, and finally, editing.
The film editor’s job is to take the images that are shot in the location and combine and place them to bring information to the audience. The video editing work is done in collaboration with the director. This online film editing course is not about how to push buttons type of editing course. This film editing course is going is not going to be attached to one specific video editing software. It’s going to be all about the thought and the story of the editing.

Film Editing Online Course

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Video Editing for films

Continuity Editing Techniques

Continuity is designed to draw as less attention to the editing as possible. When the production fail to keep continuity it is the editor’s job to fix it.

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Film Directing

Cutting On The Action

Facebook Instagram Cutting On Action Every movie uses many types of video editing techniques that go on un-noticed. Many of these basic video editing techniques like cutting on action, jump cuts, cross-cut, and others didn’t come naturally to the video editors. They had to develop them through the years, so we’ll be able to learn them now and treat them as

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Video Editing for films

Tips for Editing The Documentary

Tips for Video Editing a Documentary Film If you want to become an expert in video editing, editing a documentary film will be a great start. The documentary films have brought a lot of innovations to the film editing industry. The main one is Vertov’s film “The Man with a Movie Camera,” which shows a lot of manipulations with camera and

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Video Editing for films

Digital Video Editing for a Comedy

In comedy, the digital video editing has an important role. A joke can fail or succeed by changing one frame or two, so understanding and learning the art of digital video editing in a comedy is very important.

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Sound Design for Film Course

Facebook Instagram Sound Design for Films Course   When we watch a film, we kind of “lose” the sense of touch and sent and work only with the sense of sight and hearing. Without a serious investment in sound design in your film, your chances of creating a professional movie production are lost. You can put a lot of money on your film, but if

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The Technique of Color Correction Workflow

Facebook Instagram How to Color Correct? The Technique and the Workflow Color-correction can make your film project look a lot better. Color can add mood and emotion to a scene. The problem is that sending the movie to a colourist can cost a lot, that’s why many filmmakers will ask the video editor to do some color corrections on the film.

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Horror Film Music

Facebook Instagram How to Compose Horror Music Disclaimer: Some links in this Horror film music article are for scary films so this post is not recommended for young kids under the age of 16 or anyone that is scared from horror films   Music and sound are the best ways in horror films to built suspense and in hence the scary

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I would also recommend checking out these courses on this site:

  • Film Directing Course – Learning Film Directing alongside a Video Editing Course allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the filmmaking process. By knowing both, one can better envision the final product during the filming process, which aids in making more informed directorial decisions. This interdisciplinary knowledge helps create a smoother transition from filming to post-production, ensuring a more cohesive and high-quality result.
  • Film Cinematography for Directors – Editing is directly influenced by the footage captured during the cinematography stage. Learning Film Cinematography is crucial for video editors because it equips them with an understanding of visual storytelling and the director’s intent, which enhances their ability to edit video in a way that serves the overall narrative. Additionally, it helps them appreciate the nuances of camera work, lighting, and framing, which are critical elements in post-production work
  • Film Production Classes – Cinematography is a key part of the production process. It is very recommended to learn the big picture as well. This knowledge facilitates effective collaboration with cinematographers and allows directors to use visual storytelling techniques to enhance the impact and emotional resonance of their film.

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