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There is an old saying that says – You can make a bad movie with a good script, but you can not make a good film with a bad script. Film schools are all about teaching you how to tell your stories and the script is the first tool you use to do that. This free script writing course will teach you how to write a well – structured film scripts and short film scripts with strong characters, good conflicts, and interesting plots. The goal here is to teach you how to turn your stories into screenplays. This script writing course is also recommended for film directors and producers that want to learn the elements of a good story.

Script Writing Lessons

6 reasons not to become a screenwriter

I didn’t write this article to put you down, but I feel it would be wrong to give you a course about scriptwriting without talking about the downside of it – and there are a few. Here are the top reasons you might not want to become a scriptwriter

First Rules On Screen Writing

The problem with most script writing courses is that there are too many rules. Now, rules can be a great thing, but sometimes they may interfere with your art. In this article, I’ll tell you how you should treat rules when learning script writing. Finding the balance between your art and the rules will help you write a good and enjoyable story.

4 Must-have Skills to Become a Better Writer

There are skills you can develop in order to become a better screenwriter. In this lesson, I’ll go through 4 major ones.

Your Story Premise

The premise is the theme or the concept that leads our characters in the story. Everything in our story will go by this theme- the conflicts, the characters and the plot. Finding a clear premise is a must for understanding your story and to explore the human mind. Don’t even think about writing a story without finding your premise at some point.

Script writing for comedy

Script writing for comedy is an art by itself. There is a lot to learn about writing for comedy and in this post I’ll go through the important aspects of it

Story Structure

ols you will need is the “conflict”.This is the most important tool you’ll use to build your story. click on this article, to learn everything you need about the conflict story tool and how to use it right

writing on a page

Find and Develop Your Inner Voice

This is a great creative writing exercise to start with. All great screenwriters have their own voice. You can learn all the rules you want about scriptwriting, but if you won’t fund your own voice, it will be pointless. In this article, you will learn how to make your script writing truly unique and original, by finding your own true voice

The Story Conflict

If you want to have a good story one of the first basic tools you will need is the “conflict”.This is the most important tool you’ll use to build your story. click on this article, to learn everything you need about the conflict story tool and how to use it right

The script Treatment

The script treatment is one of the most important tools the writer will use to write and sell his script. In this article, I will give you all the tools you need to write a great treatment that will sell.

The script Synopsis

A good synopsis is a very important step in funding your film, but it is also a great tool to deal with block writing and to stay focused on what is important in your script. In this article, I will give you some great tips to improve your synopsis writing ability. 

Film Script Format

The script format is an important part of presenting your script. Only if you write your script the right way, the other crew members will know how long the movie is going to be and what exactly is it that they need to do.

Final Draft 9 – A Product Review

The Final Draft software is a software that automatically formats your story into the industry standards and it’s being used by a lot of filmmakers. I started working with it a few months ago and I decided I had to write a product review on it

Developing Characters

Developing characters is my personal favorite part of writing a script. The hero and the other characters will carry the story for you, so you better learn how to do it right.


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