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There is an old saying that says – You can make a bad movie with a good script, but you can not make a good film with a bad script. Film schools are all about teaching you how to tell your stories and the script is the first tool you use to do that. This free script writing course will teach you how to write a well – structured film scripts and short film scripts with strong characters, good conflicts, and interesting plots. The goal here is to teach you how to turn your stories into screenplays. This script writing course is also recommended for film directors and producers that want to learn the elements of a good story.

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idea for film

Facebook Instagram Idea for Film – Where to Find It? If you want your movie to get a big audience, you’ll need to find a good story. Working on a film or a script is a lot of work, so it is crucial to choose the right story for a film. It would be best if you had a story that

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The Story Structure

4 skills to become a better screenwriter

Facebook Instagram The 5 Skills You Need to Become a Better Writer 1. Be creative and original An obvious one, but many beginning screenwriters don’t understand that. They watch a lot of films and try to do the same thing. Creating something new (in any field) is not easy at all. Developing creativity is a subject that many books have been

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Your Story Premise

The premise is the concept that leads the our characters in the story. Finding a clear premise will help you understand your story and to make it stronger.

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Comedy Script Writing

Facebook Instagram How to Write a Comedy Script? We all love to laugh and we all have comedy movie lines that we’ll remember forever. That is because comedy films have a special connection with their audience. Comedy script writing is not easy. You need to make readers laugh from just reading. In this article, I’m going to give you 10 tips

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The Art of the Pause: Mastering Comedic Timing in Scriptwriting

The Art of the Pause: Mastering Comedic Timing in Scriptwriting In the world of comedy, timing isn’t just everything – it’s the only thing. Whether it’s a perfectly delivered punchline, a pause that lets the audience’s anticipation build, or the unexpected twist that sends a room into fits of laughter, comedic timing is the heartbeat that gives life to a joke.

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The Story Conflict

A story conflict is the most important tool you’ll use to build a strong story. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about conflict story.

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10 Tips for Synopsis Writing

How To Write A Synopsis? What is a synopsis? A synopsis is a short description of the most crucial information of your script or story. In this article, I am going to talk about an essential tool to help you through your scriptwriting process. The synopsis is also one of the ways you sell your film to producers and agents, so

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Film Script Format

Facebook Instagram Write Your Story in a Screenplay Format Now you have your story structured and characters well developed, and You need to write your story in a professional film script format. This is where all the creative work kind of stops, since professional film script format has stringent rules, so be careful. Now: Many writers use a script writing software to write in

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The #1 Software for Screenwriters & Filmmakers

Facebook Instagram Final Draft – The Scriptwriting Software Final Draft is a word processor software that has become an industry standard over the last decade (since 1990). In 2013 it was awarded a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award. Its primary purpose is to write and format movie scripts to fit the industry’s standard formatting of movie and TV scripts. The Bottom Line

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Paid courses

Facebook Instagram Online Film Courses – Best Masterclass for Filmmaking You’re tired of not having the tools to become a better filmmaker? The masterClass is a library of high-quality classes that teach you the tricks of the trade from the masters of cinema. MasterClass has a library of high-quality classes that teach you video production skills. Stop wasting money on classes

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I would also recommend checking out these courses on this site:

  • Film Directing Course – Understanding the director’s perspective can help scriptwriters create more effective scripts. Taking a Film Directing Course can greatly benefit you while you are studying Script Writing, as it offers a practical understanding of how scripts are brought to life on screen. It can help in honing your writing to be more visually effective, improve your communication with directors, and create a better understanding of the constraints and opportunities that come with production.
  • Documentary Filmmaking Course – Documentaries often require a different approach to scriptwriting, so I really recommend learning the point of view of documentary films also. Taking a Documentary Filmmaking Course alongside a Script Writing Course can be greatly beneficial for you as it provides a holistic understanding of the film creation process. It will equip you with insights into the practical aspects of filmmaking and will help you to craft narratives that are feasible, visually powerful, and aligned with the realities of documentary production. 
  • Film Production Classes – I believe that understanding the production process can help scriptwriters create more realistic and feasible scripts. Taking film production classes alongside a scriptwriting course provides a holistic understanding of the filmmaking process. This helps scriptwriters to write more effectively by understanding the practical aspects of filmmaking, thereby making their scripts more producible and collaborative.

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