Cinematography for Directors


In this free digital Film Cinematography for directors class, you will learn all the basic camera techniques and the process of using the camera equipment to shoot a film. I will also teach you things that you will not usually learn in film schools. You will learn to work from planning the project, developing the story with image techniques, and working on the set. We will talk about the inside of a video camera, shooting for post-production, getting the proper lighting, and more. In the article, Before You Start Film School, I talk about the importance to learn all aspects of films, even if you plan to be only a director. The cinematography for directors course here is the must-know for every director. I recommend going through all these cinematography lessons and practising them independently. In the case of cinematography, practising is the key.

Cinematography Lessons

I would also recommend checking out these courses on this site:

  • Film Directing Course – Cinematography is a key component of a director’s toolkit. Understanding directing can improve every cinematographer’s ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with the director, interpret their vision accurately, and contribute meaningfully to the storytelling process.
  • Video Editing Course – Understanding how footage will be edited can influence decisions about cinematography. I really advise you to go through this course, simply to understand the mindset of the editing room.
  • Film Production Classes – Cinematography is a key part of the production process. It is very recommended to learn the big picture as well. This knowledge facilitates effective collaboration with cinematographers and allows directors to use visual storytelling techniques to enhance the impact and emotional resonance of their film.

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