Cinematography for Directors


On this free digital Film Cinematography for directors class you will learn all the basic camera techniques and the process of using the camera equipment to shoot a film. I will also teach you things that are not usually bring taught in film schools. You will learn to work from the stage of planning the project, developing the story with image techniques, and working on the set. We will talk about the inside of a video camera, shooting for post-production, getting the right lighting, and more. I recommend going through all these cinematography lessons and practicing them on your own. In the case of cinematography, practicing is totally the key.

Cinematography Lessons

In this cinematography lesson, I will explain the basic camera angels & movements in the film so you’ll learn the grammar of film and improve your camera techniques. Learning these angels is very important not just to your skills, but also to your communication with the rest of the crew and creating an interesting shooting script with subtext.

shooting script

Basic Camera Techniques and Movements

In this article, we’ll go through the basic camera techniques and movements and some essential rules you need to know about using your camera.


illustraition of the 180 rule

With so many camcorders out there it’s started to be really hard to pick one. When buying a video camera there are a few things you need to consider like the camera options, the accessories attached to the camcorder, and more. In this cinematography lesson, I will discuss some of the most important features you’ll need to check, so you won’t get screwed over.

Create Great Image with Depth of Field. Depth of field is a great way to enhance your image, but also to manipulate the viewer’s emotions and concentration. Using it right will give your film a powerful look. This is a tool that is important to learn in every cinematography course.

When working on lighting for a scene, there is no time for experiments. In this article, I give you some basic tips for setting up a lighting for a scene.

In this lesson I will tell you everything you need to know about the Three point lighting tecnique. It’s a basic lighting scheme that every DP knows and it is great becuase it’s a tecnique you can develop very easily into sonething more creative.

In this free cinematography lesson, I talk about some digital video terminology, you all should know. Some of you asked me about it and I guess it is important to stop for a second and explain some of the important digital terms out there. Knowing these terms will help you use your tools better and prevent you from looking unprofessional with your crew.

In this free cinematography lesson, I talk about writing a shooting script. When you shoot someone’s film, you can’t go to shooting without it. This will teach you everything you need about creating a good solid shooting script.


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