How To Video Edit A Documentary Film

If you want to become an expert in video editing, editing a documentary film will be a great start. The documentary films have brought a lot of innovations to the film editing industry. You can read about some of them in the Documentary Filmmaking History post, but the main one is Vertov’s film “The Man with a Movie Camera” which shows a lot of manipulations with camera and editing. The are no strict rules when it come to documentary and this kind of freedom can be great, but also castrating. A large amount of footage and the endless possibilities of editing can be scary, so here are some tips to make sense out of it.

Editing The Documentary Structure

Editing The documentary Film Takes a Long Time

Digitizing/Capturing and Importing for Editing The Documentary Film

Organizing the Files for Editing The Documentary Film

Know Some Basic Color Correction Techniques

I think every video editor should know basic tricks with color correction especially when working with a documentary. The problem with documentary films is that there isn’t always time to set white balance and lighting so the footage can come out very flat. You will be expected to fix at least small errors of color

Editing the Documentary Interviews

Editing The Documentary Sound



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