How To Find Your Inner Voice?

Talking with megaphone

When writing a good movie script, it is important to be able to communicate with yourself, so you can touch the audience. Creative writing is all about breaking the boundaries of professional writing for the purpose of expressing your thoughts, emotions, and feeling instead of just delivering information about something. It’s a tool you use in academic writing also.

There are many creative writing tips out there, but trust me, only if you’ll use what you really feel, it will help you stimulate senses in the audience that they were not aware of before. The first step of creative writing is finding your own voice. 

Now, when we talk about “finding” your voice, we really mean that you should develop your own voice.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

You have an artistic identity

To produce any kind of art, the artist must have something to say, a certain value, a certain approach, some experience, and vision.

So here is the kicker:
You have all that! In your life you’ve went through a number of events that affected you emotionally. They created your own voice. Finding your own voice will happen if you’ll have a real curiosity and a desire to understand the logic of things with the desire to solve them. You have to be realistic and to understand the events that have shaped you into who you are today.

Before I’ll show you the exercise that will help you find your own voice, I want to emphasise that it is very important to write freely. Don’t think too much about rules and not even about your original idea when you started working on this film, just flow with whatever comes out and I promise your inner voice will come out

The exercise that will find your voice 

Your first job to understand your unique voice is to understand what is it about filmmaking that you love. Start by looking for themes, scenes, and dialogues that you really love. What is the visual style of the films you love? What type of book scenes makes you inspired? Carry a notebook and write down every time you see a piece of art that makes you inspired. 

The second step is to get to know yourself. This is a very simple exercise that will change your scriptwriting completely:

  • Try to think of five things you like the most
  • five things you hate most,
  • five things you fear most,
  • five things you most believe in,
  • the five things you most appreciate
  • and five things you know best.
  • Try to think of five people who changed your life,
  • five discoveries that changed your life
  • and decisions that changed your life.

A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it’s a whisper.

For each category write at least 5 things. 10 If there is time. Try not to write general issues such as global warming or war. If something general like war appears again and again, try to understand what about war is it that makes you mad or fear. Vented this concept, understand what your relationship to these powerful emotions topics. That’s it! A very simple but important exercise you must do before starting your writing career.

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