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Welcome to Movie School Free. This blog contains free filmmaking courses   in all aspects of film.

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Some of Our Free Online Film Courses

Screenwriting Articles

The lessons in this course will teach the fundamental and advanced concepts about turning your great stories into film scripts: structured film scripts and short film scripts with strong characters, strong conflicts, and exciting plots.

Film directing Articles

This film directing course will teach all the skills and practical techniques a good director must-have. This course will talk about: film directing fundamentals, how to visualize a script, develop a creative vision, and more.


Documentary Articles

In this lesson, you will learn the production process of documentary filmmaking, the language of documentary films, how to make a documentary film script, the history of the genre, and more.


Cinematography Articles

This Cinematography for directors class will teach basic camera techniques, using the camera equipment to shoot a film and how to develop the story with image techniques. 

Film Production Articles

Learn the business behind the film. This course is teaching how to take an idea and make it filmed, how to manage all the film production departments. 


video editing Articles

This free video editing course will teach you to have the right mindset of a video editor, and all the skills needed to edit in the film industry

"Suddenly, one day some little fat girl in Ohio is gonna be the new Mozart…and make a beautiful film  with her father’s little camera-coder,  and for once  this whole professionalism about movies will be destroyed, forever, and it will really become an art form.”

Why an Start with Online Film School Free?

This is the best online film school alternative. Our free filmmaking courses are not only about the technical stuff of filmmaking. It is also about the right mindset one will need to become a successful filmmaker. 

This blog is also for film school students that want to know more about filmmaking. 


This is What You Should Know Before Starting Film School

Studying filmmaking takes much discipline and might not be for everyone.

In this digital age, everyone can become a filmmaker and distribute his films independently. The only thing that makes filmmaking still expensive and complicated are film schools. The truth is that with the money you intended to spend on film school, you can buy film equipment. You can buy a complete video editing computer and software, a good enough camera, a good microphone, and even some lighting equipment. If you do that, in a few years, you’ll end up in a better place than most film school students.

I believe that this is the next step in the film industry evolution. I really think that film schools are what’s holding back the film industry these days.

As I said, in this online film school, you will learn all the aspects of storytelling in film production. The filmmaking courses here are free and simply explained. Get ready to learn some cinema secrets. This blog is not just a free film school. This online film school will put the emphasis on how you can make an original and unique film, which will separate you from the mass of film directors out there. 

I hope the filmmaking courses here will contribute to building a stronger independence industry.

This online film school is going to focus more on the practical side of filmmaking and less on the theory stuff of filmmaking, which usually is being sought in film schools. Also, there are filmmaking courses for beginners and advanced

If you have questions or ideas for articles, I will be happy to hear. Your participation will be highly appreciated.

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