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Welcome to Movie School Free- Your free film school online. We invite you to explore our range of filmmaking courses in all aspects of the film: Screenwriting, directing, producing, and more

"Suddenly, one day some little fat girl in Ohio is gonna be the new Mozart…and make a beautiful film  with her father’s little camera-coder,  and for once  this whole professionalism about movies will be destroyed, forever, and it will really become an art form.”

The film industry is probably one of the fastest-growing industries since the day it began. Get ready to learn some cinema secrets. This blog is not just a free film school. This online film school will put the emphasis on how you can make an original and unique film, which will separate you from the mass of film directors out there.

Our Popular Film Lessons

Cutting On Action

The biggest challenge of a video editor is to make the editing unnoticeable. Cut in action (also known as matching on the action) is an editing technique that will help you to do that.

How to Direct A Movie?

How to direct a movie is not an easy concept to teach. In this directing lesson, I’m giving eight tips that will help you on how to direct a film. 

The Director’s Vision

Learn about the director vision which is where the director needs to clarify his vision of the film in words. 

Our Free Film School Courses

Film directing Articles

This film course will teach the skills and practical techniques a good director must-have. We will talk about: film directing fundamentals, how to visualize a script, and more

Screenwriting Articles

The lessons in this course will teach the fundamental and advanced concepts about turning your great stories into film scripts: structured film scripts and short film scripts with strong characters, strong conflicts, and exciting plots.


Documentary Articles

In this lesson, you will learn the production process of documentary filmmaking, the language of documentary films, how to make a documentary film script, the history of the genre, and more.


Cinematography Course

This Cinematography for directors class will teach basic camera techniques, using the camera equipment to shoot a film and how to develop the story with image techniques. 

Film Production Articles

Learn the business behind the film. This course is teaching how to take an idea and make it filmed, how to manage all the film production departments. 


video editing Articles

This free video editing course will teach you to have the right mindset of a video editor, and all the skills needed to edit in the film industry

Start Here

The first article you need to read before starting any film course. It will help you understand what do you need to study filmmaking, how do you start a career in filmmaking with no experience and other biggest questions of them all – should you go to film school or learn filmmaking by yourself?

How to learn filmmaking online by yourself?

The courses on this website are a must if you’re studying filmmaking by yourself, but I also recommend using some paid courses in the fields you want to deepen your knowledge.

so along with the courses here, these are the steps I recommend taking with them:

  1. Watch tutorials – There are many youtube tutorials out there, and I recommend watching them along with the courses. Find tutorials that relate to what you’ve read here.
  2. Learn from your favourite directors – If you want to become a filmmaker, you probably have a few of them. Watch their work and learn from them. See if they are using the methods you learn here. I also recommend using MasterClass courses. These are courses that being taught by the masters of each field. Now, I must say that I’m working as an affiliate partner for those courses, which means that if you’ll click on the link I’ve just posted, and buy something, I’ll get a small commission (You won’t pay more- I get my share from their cut). It’s a small way to get some money for this blog so I can keep writing here. But still, I took some of their courses and they are amazing, so I have no problem to recommend them. There is nothing better than to learn from other’s experience and this is the masters’ experiences, so I’m sure you’ll find a few of your favourite directors there too, and they are talking about their work as filmmakers, which is excellent.
  3. Filmmaking blogs – Follow blogs and websites about filmmaking. there are many 
  4. Read books about filmmaking – There are many excellent books you can learn from, and I recommend some of them in the Best books on filmmaking page.
  5. Start making films – There are so many resources about filmmaking to learn from, it never ends. Don’t be one of those who always learn- Do! If you don’t have a camera, use your smartphone camera, and start saving for a nice DSLR that is good enough for beginners. Also, join as many production sets as you can.

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How to use this free film school?

You can choose any course to start with, but the best way to learn is from your own experience. So start with a course that you can start practice right away. The Movie School Free courses are focusing on the central film departments, and they include writing, directing, producing video editing, cinematography, and even sound design. Each film course is based on my own and others’ experience, and we will be covering a wide variety of topics on each one. If you want to deepen your knowledge, I recommend checking the list I’ve made for the best filmmaking books for beginners and advanced filmmakers. Here are some of the courses you’ll learn here:

Script Writing course

Learn everything you need to write a perfect script – everything from the script’s fundamentals to strong conflict, compelling characters, unique dialogues, and more. This is an excellent course for both beginners and advanced students of all ages that have a strong passion for storytelling. This course is recommended not only for aspiring filmmakers but also for those who want to write for TV and general entertainment. You can take the lessons at your own pace, and you don’t have to read them in the order they are presented, but I do recommend to start with: 

  1. Introduction to Script Writing Course
  2. and What Does It Takes to Become a Script Writer?

This course also has a few lessons about creative writing, finding your voice, and writing with a strong message. So if you are ready to change the film & television industry, start this course now!


Film Directing Course

In the film, the director is the chief commander of the production. If you want to become a good director, the understanding film is not enough- You need to know how to coordinate all the production departments, the actors, the producers, and many others. This is why you should go through the other courses in this free film school once you finish the directing course. This course is built for the new type of storytellers that want to bring their unique voice into the directing profession. Join us to learn:

  • How to handle all the production departments
  • How to develop your artistic expression.
  • All the stages of turning an idea into a great film.

The film directing course also includes a documentary course that I recommend to check, notably the Documentary History lessons.

Film Production Classes

The hardest part of the producer’s job is to mix the business department with the creative one, and this is a skill you will build with experience. In this free online film course, we will help you prevent mistakes the first time producers usually make. In the free online film school courses we have here you will learn:

  • How to handle a low budget film
  • How to cast an audition
  • The phases of production
  • Create a production package and much more.

The film production course will help you to build a producer mindset, that will come handy. The course is also recommended for aspiring directors.

Video Editing Course

There are many video editing courses out there. What makes this one different from others is that we focus on developing the video editor mindset rather than teaching you how to push the buttons of your video editor software. There is no specific software you need to work with- anyone will do. The video editor has a lot to do with the story development. It is known to be said that the final draft of the script is written in the editing room, so knowing how to handle video editing software is not enough to become a video editor. If you are already working in the video editing profession, I’m sure you’ll find some of the lessons useful as they will teach you to work more professionally.


4 principles to understand about learning filmmaking

  1. Studying filmmaking takes much discipline and might not be for everyone.
  2. In this digital age, everyone can become a filmmaker and distribute films independently. The only thing that makes the film learning still expensive and complicated are film schools. The truth is that with the money you intended to spend on film school, you can buy film equipment, a complete video editing computer and software, a good enough camera, a good microphone, and even some lighting equipment. If you do that, you’ll end up in a better place in a few years than most film school students. I believe that this is the next step in the film industry evolution. I think that film schools are what’s holding back the film industry these days. I hope the filmmaking courses here will contribute to building a stronger independence industry.
  3. This online film school focuses more on the practical side of filmmaking and less on the theory stuff of filmmaking, which is usually being taught in film schools. 
  4. This film school contains filmmaking courses for beginners and advanced. We recommend going through as many courses as you can so you will deepen your knowledge in all the aspects of filmmaking

If you have questions or ideas for articles, I will be happy to hear. Your participation will be highly appreciated.