Writing A Script Treatment

Knowing how to write a treatment is a skill that can really improve your script and your marketing chances. It is one step after the list of scene stage and before the first draft of the script.

The main problem with script treatment is that when someone asks you for it, you have to make sure that both of you are on the same page as for what a treatment is. Many producers say they want a treatment, but they really mean a pitch (which is a presentation of the script in a few sentences) or an outline ( which is a summary of all the scenes). In most cases, a treatment is the film’s story in a form of a prose (written in paragraphs instead of on the script’s format). The treatment will focus on the highlights of the film and it must be written in a third- person and present tense and to describe only what the audience can see or hear in the film.
The writer’s main job when writing the treatment is making everyone (including himself)  understand how the story is going to be treated.

What is the script treatment good for?

In short, you have only your emotions to sell.
This is the experience of all writers.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

How long should the script treatment be?

There are many opinions as to how long the treatment should be. It should be somewhere between 1-25 pages. Now, I know the last sentence didn’t help you very much, but it really depends on the kind of treatment you write, the kind of writer you are and the purpose of the treatment. The general rule for all kind of treatments is to try to keep it as short as you can, without being too vague. You don’t need to write every detail of the film. When you are getting too deep into the details you might find yourself getting lost. Stay focus on the main story. You can also write about the sub-plots in the treatment, but make sure they are staying sub-plots. Don’t go too deep into them.

The first steps of writing a script treatment

I’m going to give you a few tips that will help you write the best treatment you can have, but before that, I want to go through with you as to what are the first steps you should take when planning to write a treatment.

Tips for writing a script treatment that sells

Now, that we covered what a script treatment is, I can give you a few cool and proven tips to help you write a good treatment that will sell your script.


Writing a script treatment is a profession. There are many writers that even make a living just from writing treatments. As I said it is a very important tool for the writer but also for your marketing package. Take the time and efforts to do it right. I also recommend reading the book Writing the Killer Treatment: Selling Your Story Without a Script by Halperin, Michael.There is also a great course from The Writers Store that is all about writing treatments you can read about it by clicking this link
Write My Treatment

The last thing that you need to remember when you are writing a treatment is that changes still may come. You are not writing the final draft, so focus on making it sell.

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