6 Tips for Writing a Screen Play With a Partner?

Writing with a partner can have many advantages, but if you don’t find the right one, you might not enjoy them. 

How to start looking for the perfect script writing partner?

The first recommended step is to find someone you know. Most known scriptwriting couples knew each other before they started writing together. If you don’t know anyone that can write with you should start looking. There are many ways to find your scriptwriting partner. The best one is to put wanted ads simply, but there are more ways: you can start a creative writing group or join one yourself. There are also many forums for scriptwriting where you can talk to a lot of writers like you. 

What to look into the perfect script writing partner?

When looking for a scriptwriting partner, the first thing you need to look at is if he has your emotional point of view. Have him go through the Find your own voice article if needed. Once you find your twin, the next thing is to check his availability. Can he work the same hours you can? Is there a place that is comfortable for you both to meet?

How to work with a scriptwriting partner?

Once you find your writing partner, you should decide how you are going to work together. If your partner can work only in the evening and you can only work in the morning (which means you didn’t listen to me in the first paragraph), then maybe there is a middle point you can agree on. I wouldn’t recommend at this stage, to decide how to write the script. There are many ways for scriptwriting partners to write, and I’m sure you will find your way as you practice writing. You might figure out that it’s better for each one alone and then meeting going through the scenes together in each meeting. 

When your writing partner joins in the middle of work

When your writing partner joins you after you’ve written a few drafts already, it is a great tool to get some new perspective. That is why it is not recommended to let him see the old drafts. At least not right at the start. You can pitch him the idea and the story, where you want to take the script to, and you can also talk about the characters, but let him give his ideas before you show him what you did.

Dealing with disputes

When writing in couples, you should expect a lot of disputes. You should both find a constructive way to deal with them. You should both decide that your relationship should come first, write it on a piece of paper and shake on it. Leaving your ego at home is a very hard thing to do, but it’s a must. You should decide right at the beginning of the responsibility of each one. Make sure you both know what you are expected to give to the scriptwriting process.  The best way to end the dispute is to see who is more passionate. If your partner is really passionate about an idea he had, maybe it is worth listening to it. If you really insist on an idea you have and your partner isn’t listening. Instead of telling the scene, write it down for him, and let him see how it looks like. 

Don’t take things personally.

Leaving your ego at home is a very hard thing to do, but it’s a must. Scriptwriters are not easy people to work with. The key here is to simply make sure the disputes stay within the limits of the writing and don’t go to personal areas. Eventually, you should remember that it’s all about negotiation. You have to give a little to take a little. As long as you take things under proportions, I’m sure you will do just fine.