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I’ve decided to write a review for the Final Draft 9 software because it’s a software that solved a lot of writing problems, and I think it’s a “must tool” for every aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker. 

This software has been developed by an aspiring screenwriter that got tired of keeping his scripts in the Hollywood format standards. He started working on this word processor, and within five years from the software launch, it has become an industry standard for working with production companies. The Final Draft screenwriting software has been around for the last 24 years, and it has become a status symbol for the industry filmmakers. Whatever work you do in the filmmaking industry, I can promise you – the Final Draft software will make your job easier.

So why Final Draft 9 worked for me?

When it comes to writing, for me, nothing beats the pen and paper way of writing. It took me a long time to work with a Wordprocessor (There was a time when I even used Emails as a word processor). My biggest wish was to have enough money to pay someone that will copy my scripts to a Wordprocessor in the right script format so that I can focus on the story.

Well, Final Draft 9 does just that and more. The Final Draft software automatically formats your story into the industry standards, and that was the main reason I decided to try it.

Have a personal script writing guide

Working with the Final Draft 9 is like having a personal script writing guide throughout your scriptwriting process. The Final Draft 9 software has more than 100 templates that guide you through the script’s structure. Again, you can focus on the story and stop pounding your head about script structure.

The Cool Features

The Final draft also has tabs next to the script that allows you to create three essential tools for every screenwriter and filmmaker that must break down a script: 

  • a scene list,
  • a card index,
  • and character list

These are essential tools you must have by your side during the screenwriting process. The cool thing with Final Draft 9 is you can move around them simultaneously while you are writing your script or even print it if it’s more comfortable.

The scene list

The scenes list is a list of your scenes that you can look at quickly while working on the script itself. The scene list feature will make your work a lot faster than others.

Let us go into detail as to more things you can do with the scene list of Final Draft 9:

  • Insert new scenes very easily and add it to your script only by double click on it.
  • You can also highlight the critical information in them, categorize each scene with a different color for each category. For example, you can have a category for scenes that move forward the storyline, the characters, the conflict, and more. Many producers and film directors use the Final Draft software to categorize the scenes by locations, time of day, characters, and more. A cinematographer can use it to categorize scenes by indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • It is also a valuable tool when working with other crew members as it helps you reach each scene very quickly.

The Characters List Tab

Every script has its characters list. It’s a known fact that the problem most writers have is keeping up with the small changes they are doing to their characters. The characters list is a productive and easy way to keep up with the changes you make to your characters. You can also highlight the characters in the script so you can find them easily. Final Draft is an essential tool also for directors, producers, art designers, and more. 

The Script Notes Tab

The Final Draft is one of the coolest features in the software. You can write the script notes and then stick them into the script so that it is still hidden if you don’t want to see them. In the current version of Final Draft 9 they are much easier to use than in the previous versions, and you can categorize them.


I think the most crucial advantage of this software is the time this software can save you. It also helps you focus on your story and leave out all the technical stuff that makes many screenwriters quit. In this product review, I’ve only mentioned the software’s significant features, but there are a lot more. Let me know if you have any more questions. I know many filmmakers (not only writers) in Hollywood, Broadway, and even outside USA countries are using it, and I know it helped many writers that were not able to deal with all the formal script writing demands. 


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