Building a Film Package


In the lesson about Shooting Script Breakdown, we’ve discussed making a rough budget for your film by breaking down the script. Now it’s time to go to the next stage of film finance – Raising money. Raising money is a very time-consuming job. I’m going to talk now about the first step of film raising, which is the film package.

That first step in film finance is to be done only after the final draft of the script is complete. The packaging film includes all the essential things that an investor needs to know about your film. When people pay for something, they want to see a product. Your problem is that you can’t create a product without them funding your film. That is why you are making the film package. The film package’s mission is to make them understand how they will make money from financing your film. You have to show them that the film has commercial potency and that you are experienced enough to deliver it.

How the film package is built

Now there are many things you should include in the film package, and I’m going to go through them quickly, but what is important to remember is that while you work on each one of those pages, selling should be on your mind all the time. The first page should have the title of the film, your connection details, and maybe a picture related to the film. A crisp picture will help your investors to flip to the next page, and this is what you need to keep them doing – moving on to the next page.

The next page will be the logline. The longline should tell your story in one or two sentences. It should include:

  •  the film’s premise
  • the genre of the film, 
  • the hero’s objective, 
  • and the hero’s obstacle

 The next page will be the synopsis, an essential part of the package. The synopsis is where you’ll tell the story in short (up to 250 words).

The next page is about your connection to the film’s subject. Don’t write over 500 words about it. This is where you explain to them why you are the right one to do this film.

Your next page in the film package will be the Treatment, which is the whole story described by scenes. You go all through the movie scene by scene, describing each scene in a line or two. The average length of the Treatment is about 10 to 20 pages. The Treatment helps the reader (and you) to check how well the script is structured. 

So what do we have left?

 Target audience– Who is your audience? Are they teenagers, adults? Man or woman? How old are they? Where are they hanging out? It would help if you described your target audience as close as you can.

 Market strategy – How are you planning to make that movie sell? Is it from the Internet? Is it through festivals? Are you planning to have merchandise? Show the investor you do have a marketing plan that will help his money to bring him profit. 

The next pages will be Timetables, The main crew’s bio, and the budget.