Main Crew Members of Film Production

In low-budget film productions, the film producer becomes a form of multimedia. To meet this mission, he needs people to help him with the job. In this article, I will review a number of key film crew members in every film production that work directly with the film producer.

As a film producer, you’ll need to work well together with them, and they’ll need to understand and support your goals and all of the others. Full cooperation can lead to higher results than expected, so these are the key film crew members that the film producer needs to insist on having to make the director’s vision come to life.

The film Executive Producer

In Practical, the producer goes through the script with an economic eye and apply the changes needed if there is not enough money. That’s called script breakdown (Read about working with a low budget here) The producer should sit down with the writer and figure out together how to preserve the spirit of the scene with less money. Remember! Screenwriter spent a lot of effort and time to write the script, so be gentle with him. Once the script is ready, the producer should obtain copyright on it.

Production Manager

Production Manager is responsible for the logistics of all production. He needs to know every detail of the production. Because of this, he needs to have the phones and the details of all the staff. Next to each name on his list should be comments like when you should call, who to ask, what was the last call, and all decisions or agreements that have reached with them. Production managers often required to plan the budget. Sometimes this demand will be even before the script was completely finished, and it can be annoying. The production manager is also responsible for getting contracts with posts production offices like editing rooms, sound, music, and so on. While still in pre-production (we’ll talk about this stage later, but it’s basically the period before filming).

Watch this video published by the University of Derby to hear some tips about the work of the Production Manager.

First assistant director

The director’s right hand. He also called 1st A.D. He is connecting with the staff and the director. His job is to help the creative flow of the director by taking care of all the technical stuff. He is responsible in part for the preparation of shooting schedule, and the shooting breakdown. The assistant director actually manages the set during shooting, and he must take care of that each day of shooting will end on time and achieve its goals. Sometimes he also directs the extras and shouting for everyone to shut up.

Watch this interview posted by filmnutlive, with Gary Goldman, which is the first A.D. for HBO’s Entourage. filmnutlive‘s Youtube channel got lots of cool interviews with film industry people I recommend watching

Second assistant director

The Second assistant director is working mainly with the casting agents. His job includes:

help with Script Breakdown making sure that all the paperwork is prepared and organized,  he is responsible for the staff, the extras, making sure that everyone is going where they should be, and to take care of all the paperwork on the set.

Production Account Manager

Production Account Manager is a part that many low budget films tend to ignore, but it is essential to the smooth flow of the production. The production account manager job is :

  • to open a bank account for the production
  • prepare cash for shooting days
  • signs the final budget
  • taking care of everyone’s salaries
  • oversees the budget and the schedule
  • he is taking care of insurance matters
  • weekly reporting of expenditures
  • and other matters of such accountants

These are some basic production film crew members. If there are more rules you want to know about or to go deeper into them, I’ll be glad to hear from you.