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Marketing a film offline is very expansive, That’s why in this free Ebook, you’ll learn how to get to your targeted audiences in a large scale and at a low price, using digital marketing. 

Learn How to Promote Your Film Production Through Digital Marketing by yourself without spending significant amounts of money

What Type of Digital Marketing Are we’re Going to Talk?

Well…Video Marketing platforms

I chose those video platforms as it should be the easiest one for film producers to use. These are platforms that you have the advantage.


YouTube for Film Marketing

You can use YouTube to get funds for your film project, but even better, you can use video marketing in YouTube for Movie Trailers, Q&A with the cast, or anything else that will hold the attention of your targeted audience and help your film to get exposure for the new release.

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Instagram for Film Marketing

Instagram videos are getting a lot of attention lately, and therefore it is a strong tool for film production marketing, especially if you are using the video features. After reading this Ebook, you’ll be able to create engaging content in vertical view for smartphone viewers on a daily basis, using the simple camera of your smartphone (No DSLR needed), but the important thing is, that it will make you more visible for new audiences. 

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TikTok for Filmmakers

TikTok has become very popular with movie promotions. It has more than 200 million daily active users (more of all the other major digital platforms together, including Facebook). With the right marketing tactics, you’ll be able to reach a large scale of audiences in a very short time.

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Get Your Free Video Marketing for Filmmakers Ebook

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