Recommended Books for Video Editors

Imagine having a conversation with one of the brilliant video editors out there. Well, In The Blink of An Eye does just that. This very inspiring book with lots of insights on video editing is written by the very respected awards winning editor,Walter Murch, who won the Oscar for films like Apocalypse Now and The English Patient. The main focus of this book, that is being used by many film school, is the question when to cut? Everything you'll need to know about cutting films the right way will be in this book.The great advantage of In The Blink of An Eye is that Murch focuses more on the philosophy of video editing. This book will not give you actual editing techniques, but that's because there are no techniques to edit the right way. To be a great editor you need the right mindset and this is but this book is giving to you. This is a book you will read again and again before every film you'll edit. The last pages about blinking will open your mind on video editing in a way you never thought you could.
In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing

Technique of Film Editing was written originally in 1953 and was reisuue many times, since it's mindset is still relevant for today. This book covers every aspect of the film editing craft. It also covers some history of editing and talk about many video editing styles and geners and also analize the editing of many films. This book is great since it does not relate to any specific software, but to the art of editing itself.
Technique of Film Editing, Reissue

This very easy to read book covers every basic aspect you will use when working with each shot. Learning the cinematic language from this book will help you to be more artistic, and more focused on what you want to achieve from the audience. This book is kind of a mandatory reading for every video editor. Just the segment of  'Working Practices' is worth reading the book. 

Grammar of the Edit