Recommended Books on Film Production

The great fun of watching a Rodrigues film is that it makes you feel like you can make one too. This is a book is kind of a production diary and a production guide written by the king of independent films, Robert Rodriguez, who directed films like "Sin City", "El Mariacji", "Spy Kisd" and my own favorite, "From Dusk Till Down". In this book he goes throgh all his stratagic and tricks he did on his first film, "El Mariachi", a hit movie he produced for only 7000$. This is a great book for insperation and to learn about filmmaking without a budget. This is a very insperational book that will make you want to make a movie right when you'll finish it.  
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This book is a basic production course. The writer of this book, Bruce Mamer , covers every single stage of a film production and all aspects of filmmaking. The great thing about this book is that it keeps on updating it self, so it is up to date with the new technologies. Mamet reveal classic hollywood techniques and independent films techniques.This book is a complete film school for only $178.04.
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This is a nice book that focuses on production from the developing idea stage and to the distribution stage. The book covers all the stages in a very practical approach and from the point of view of the producer. The book cost $7.99 on Kindle edition and $14.95 on paperback.
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