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Even if you are going to film school, online courses in filmmaking are great to better yourself on particular subjects. They are not that expensive, and you can watch them in your spare time. Learning from the other’s experience will be one of the best tools, you’ll use as a filmmaker. These top online film schools are the best ones you will find out there and in a fair price. Â
If there is a subject you are really interested in it, I recommend investing for as much film courses as you can.


This is a really great course to discover all the hidden secrets of your DSLR camera. After this course you'll start shooting like a pro. If you own a DSLR camera and not satisfied with the results, this course is for you. It's a 6 hours cinematography course that covers all of the bases and is presented by an award winning photographer. This course reveals secrets that can take at least a year to teach in a regular film school. The course is really teaching you how to be, what's known as "One man show", which means you'll know how to direct, produce, edit and of course- shoot. This DSLR course will show you how to create great videos without spending too much money. This course is a must for every photographer that wants to work in the field. The digital download version costs only $97 and you'll see right at the first 20 minutes that it was worth it. There is also a refund after 60 days. for more information Click Here!

If you are into comedy writing, this scriptwriting course is for you. There are many writing courses out there, but not many give so much focus on all the rules of writing a great comedy. You will learn lots of script writing tips and I can promise you, you will use the tools you'll be taught here on your next comedy movie script. The course is taught by David Misch (The writer of “Mork & Mindy”, “The Muppets Take Manhattan”, “Police Squad!” and many more) and it costs 79.99$. You can purchase it by clicking the next link     
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This screenwriter online school was also developed by The Writers Store. They have lots of online writing courses and classes for every level of experience. Each class is designed to get you not only to write, but also to get you inside the industry. The classes in this online screenwriting university are presented by well-known professionals that are working in the film industry, 
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CreativeLive is a site that features alot of workshop and classes in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, and software training. CreativeLive was founded 5 years ago and it has some of the world’s top creative teachers out there. Some times they have great sales so I recommend checking them out from time to time. Check out their special offer that is until the 9/20/16 : 20% off all orders for new customers only