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Best Gifts for Filmmakers

Gifts for filmmakers
Gifts for filmmakers

Buying gifts is always a nightmare, but friends with hobbies are making it easy. The main problem when buying gifts for filmmakers is that their experience in the industry is an important factor.

There are many practical gifts you can give your filmmaker friend like Batteries, sd-cards, rolls of gaffer tapes and more, but that is kind of boring. I want to show you a list of gifts that will make your filmmaker friend very grateful in every stage of experience he is

Great Film posters and artwork

Posters are a great tool to discover the secrets of telling a story. A poster can be any picture that will inspire a filmmaker when he is looking at it.

Most film posters today are based on closeups of the actors or just graphics effects, so they are not really inspiring or interesting.
That is why I recommend checking the Alternative Movie Posters book. It includes more than 200 unofficial posters from 100 artist and movies like Star Wars, A clockwork Orange, The shining, The Big Lebowski and much more. The posters in this book were created mostly for film festivals, art galleries and so on. The Alternative Movie Posters book got   also a commentary by the artists on their designs. This book is a guaranteed to inspire every filmmaker.

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Books for Filmmakers

Insightful books are one of my favorite gifts for filmmakers.¬ Here are some books¬†that must be in every filmmaker’s library:
The Filmmaker Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

this is a fun and inspirational book with quotes¬†of all big industry filmmakers from the first years of cinema and up to today. I got this book as a gift and some of the quotes I’ve read there will stick with me forever.

Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need.

This is really the only book a screenwriter needs. It is a book by Blake Snyder, a working screenwriter in the industry, ¬†that analyzes all the aspects of script writing. the book contains powerful tips not only to improve your script but also to sell it. ¬†This book is a must for every screenwriter or filmmaker that want to understand the concept of story in a film. If your filmmaker friend doesn’t have it yet, trust me,¬†this is the best gift for a filmmaker.

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting,

This book is known as the script writers bible. Even novelists love this book since it focuses more on the story itself.  This book is first meant for writers, but today every director and producer should have this book that is written in an entertaining way.

Check more books for filmmakers here.

Filmmaking courses

There are many kinds of gifts for filmmakers but this is the most practical one. Even if your friend already goes to a film school, he will like to enhance his power with an online course. The great advantage of online courses is that you can choose the subject you want to be better at and focus on that. There are many professional online courses out there and some of them are by professional industry people. Check my Professional Filmmaking Courses page, where I recommend on some of the best and most interesting courses out there.

PC Games for Filmmakers

There are many filmmaking PC games out there. The one I’m most familiar with is called The Movies.

It’s a simulation game and it’s even great for non-filmmakers that love simulation games. The game takes place in the early 20’s when Hollywood was just starting. Your job is first to build a studio that will make films and after that to make films.
Anther cool game is Holywood picture 2.

This time, we are at the 90’s and instead of building a studio, you already have¬†a small one that you are trying to turn into a success. ¬†You get to produce big budget films and also to direct., write your own scripts, shoot & edit and much more.

Clapper Board Slate

This is one of more practical filmmakers gifts. The Clapper Board Slate is kind of a nice thing to own as a filmmaker. The clapperboard is what filmmakers use to identify the shot, the scene and the take number that is being shot.  This is very helpful when you are reaching the video editing stage. It is also useful for synchronizing the sound and the video when you recording the sound separated from the picture.
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Filmmakers Shirts

Cloths are a great gift for filmmakers in all stages. I really recommend checking the Zazzle store. My personal favorites are the “Make Films., Not Excuses “ T-shirt, Lights, Camera, Action Tshirt, and the Fix It in Post Yourself T-shirts

But they got many other clothes for men and women.

A Director’s journal

Lights Camera Action! Journal

is a notebook for the director or producer (or every other part of the industry) to write a thought, notes or whatever it is that comes through your head during film production. A great gift!


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