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This free video editing course will teach you to have the right mindset of a video editor, that is a must to succeed in that field. The video editing course is designed to teach you all the skills needed to edit in the film industry and it’s all free. The course¬†¬†will discuss the narrative editing and video editing for documentary films. I recommend practicing the things I am talking about in this video editing course. If you don’t have enough money to buy one of the professional video editing software like Avid, Premier or Final Cut, there are cheaper ones and even free software or demos. You can also use the Youtube video editor. It can only do basic editing, but it’s free and it can work for you in the beginning.

The first part of every video editing course should be to help you find the best editing software for you. In this free video editing lesson, I will review the important features that you should go through, When you are researching for your video editing software, so you can make a better and faster editing.

 Before we go deep into the right mindset of the video editor, I would like to give you a few basic tips to make your video editing smoother

This video editing lesson is about the different stages of film editing. The Film editing process is divided into several stages. Going through all of them is very important to help you to organize the huge amount of material you'll have to deal with.

In this free video editing lesson we will talk about continuity. Keep continuity going means to draw less attention to the video editing as possible. When the production's failed to pay attention to continuity between shots, it is the video editor's job to fix it.

Organizing your video editing files is the most important thing to do when starting a new project, so here are some organizing video tips to get started.

Editing the documentary is a great start for every video editor. Editing a documentary requires you to have innovation ability and a full understanding of the right way to edit a film. In tis post I'll give some great tips and techniques that you must know before you start editing a documentary.

This digital video editing lesson is about editing for comedy. I'm going to give you a few tips as for how to deal with the comedy and make sure the joke is working.

The color correction workflow's purpose is to change the color in the images in order to get the director's artistic look or simply to fix bad lookiong shots. The video editor will be asked a lot to do that, so here are some first tips on the subject

Cutting on action is a basic video editing technique every video editor uses. When you start working on a scene, this is the first thing you will look for.

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